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In 2007 GTC imported the first R35 GT-R into Europe. We then spent the next 24 months pushing the GT-R to its limits for our research & development to take it to the next level.

Gathering data from use on the road as well as Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Mondello (Ireland), Duns fold park (Top Gear track), Rockingham, Santa Pod drag strip and of course the dyno !

If 480hp/435lbft out of the factory wasn’t enough for some, GTC can now offer Nissan R35 GT-R Owners the ammunition to obliterate all contenders, with their highly developed Performance Package; the “GTC from simply remaps to gain 100whp to full blown 700R, 800R +

Analysis of The Stock R35 GT-R..

In stock trim, Nissan claim the GT-R produces in the region of 480bhp/ 435lbft from the VR38DETT V6 Twin Turbocharged Motor. However through testing of the various standard vehicles, power and torque levels varied tremendously from car to car, with results anywhere between est.490bhp max, and 478bhp min at the flywheel, and torque levels ranging from 430lbft to 450lbft. Whilst the power levels from stock vehicles varied a great deal, a number of common factors were noted across the range;

In stock form, the GT-R runs extremely rich (over fuelling) across the RPM range, in particular the turbo spool area at around 2,500->3000 rpm, and so rich after 4,500 rpm, that the Dyno’s Wideband O2 Sensor max’d out at 0.68 Lambda. This is most certainly an overcautious safety condition, typical of most mass produced performance cars.

Stock Boost Pressure was generally recorded at around 0.8bar max at 3250rpm, with fairly efficient boost control, dropping off to 0.6bar at the top of the RPM range.

Physically, the compact engine bay is very well designed with the low-slung twin IHI Turbochargers hidden on the hips of the V6 VR38DETT unapparent from first glance under the hood. The stock exhaust system is of cheap restrictive design, with the presence of 4 Catalytic Converters (2 per bank), small diameter pipework in sections, and ‘Bolt-On Tail Pipe Trims’, there are a great deal of improvements to be achieved.

Although a rewarding drive, the GT-R can be drastically improved with a small degree of modification, in summary, bringing the car out of its Manufacturer’s Conformity & Safety Focused Jelly-Mould, and truly letting the Twin Turbocharged V6 scream up throughout the RPM range to redline, emphasising the engine’s power delivery.

GTC have formulated a very well researched Performance Package that aims to provide the customer with an even greater level of enjoyment from driving the car in all terms of driving experience.

Engine Control Mapping.

Throughout the period of the launch of the GT-R, the general consensus was that the GT-R would be equipped with an ECU (Engine Control Unit) that could not be cracked by any of the most respected Aftermarket Tuners in the industry. The inclusion of CAN-Bus System in the GT-R (Controller Area Network – a system protocol where virtually every electrical component in the vehicle can communicate with each other, integrating together to form a network) would mean that an Aftermarket Full-Standalone ECU replacement (allowing full engine control by the Map Programming Engineer) would have to have the ability to work together in-chain with the entire system of components, in-effect, the ability to communicate with every electrical component, from e.g. the ABS Sensors utilising the same circuit paths as information sent from the Body Angle Sensor, the entire network of the GTR’s components rely on the next component to operate correctly, all via the ECU….a mammoth task from every aspect. With such a highly intelligent new generation of Sports Car, came the task of mastering ways of allowing experts in to make the necessary adjustments.

One company that has stood out with its unique solution to adjusting the engine control system on the GT-R, is Cobb Tuning, a US Company specialising in ECU Remapping Hardware. The company was one of the first in the world to release a device allowing full ECU Access on the Nissan GT-R, and has reached global success in its products’ simplicity and effectiveness.

The Cobb Tuning ‘AccessPORT is a Simple Hardware Interface that allows the User to communicate with their GT-R ECU. The Hand-Held Device connects easily to the OBDII Communication Electrical Port in the Driver Cabin, at which point, the User has the ability to make a number of safe and fool-proof adjustments in the ECU.

The AccessPORT main function is to allow the User to install and switch between pre-designed Fuel and Ignition Maps in order to change the performance of the car. The Pre-Designed Maps are tried, tested and built by Cobb Tuning themselves, who have developed a great number of variants of maps based on, Country of Origin (where the car was built), Fuel Used, and Modifications on the Car.

Each map, can easily be loaded into the ECU via the AccessPORT at the User’s will, with the safe knowledge that the original existing Map from Factory can be saved and restored at any period. Each of the Performance Increasing Maps are available in various different Fuel Types (USA to Europe to Japan). Another key feature is the development program offered by Cobb Tuning, where maps are constantly being upgraded, altered and improved, with an increasing amount of maps available for free download by the user. In addition, the AccessPORT allows Diagnostic Functions, in its ability to check and remove Trouble Codes that the ECU may store in relation to the condition of the car, e.g. Tyre Pressure Warning Lights, which can only otherwise be extinguished by Nissan Dealerships. The ease in which the AccessPORT allows interaction between the user and ECU is remarkable, and through its distinctive disadvantages (no actual ability to build custom maps, no remapping software available, and the maps are all generic), the Access Port has proven to be a hit with GT-R Owners.

For that very reason, GTC (who are the official UK Dealer for Cobb Tuning & accesstuner pro mapper) began to test the Access Port during its Beta Testing Period, and throughout the development, have been impressed with the results achieved in terms of practicality, user-friendliness, and success in increasing the performance of the GT-R, combined with their improved Exhaust System. The AccessPORT is supplied, synchronised, and installed by GTC during the 560HP Conversion, and the most suitable Map is applied to the ECU. The User is able to swap back to the original Nissan Factory Map at any period, which is ideal for owners concerned with Manufacturer’s Warranty; the map swapping leaves no trace on the ECU.

The net result offered by GTC is a complete transformation in the way the R35 GT-R drives. Customers have reported “Night and Day” transformation of the car, with the performance increases very apparent during test driving.

Typically, the 560HP Conversion will achieve est.560-570bhp at the flywheel @ 6750rpm, est.550lbft @ 3,600 rpm at a reliable 1.1bar

Compared to Stock; est.480bhp at the flywheel @ 6250rpm, est.450lbft @ 3750rpm at 0.8bar.

This is a net gain of around +90bhp (+18%) and +100lbft (+22%) at the flywheel.

The key factors are;

- Ease of installation,

- Rewarding results in terms of performance transformation with zero drawbacks, - Safety of the upgrade in terms of longevity of the engine and transmission systems in the car.

With a great deal of research and development devoted in tuning and racing the Nissan R35 GT-R, combined with the unique passion that the entire team personally have in the GT-R and it’s heritage, fortunate owners of the new super car from Nissan are awarded with one of the highest level of quality of Performance Upgrade Packages ever offered in the U.K.


Stage 1

GTC 500R

GTC Titan 90mm decat Y-pipe

Allow the engine to breath, by removing the restrictive 2nd pair of Catalytic Converters from the Exhaust System, and Higher Flow Capacity Air Filters which drop in easily into the standard Airbox.

The exhaust tone is improved/deepened, making for a sportier drive

Semi Warranty Friendly Performance Upgrade Package

Applicable to UK & Import Vehicles

Fully reversible modifications can be converted back to stock if required, leaving no trace of modification

Power Output: up to 500hp at the flywheel (approx 20hp gains)

GTC Titan Y-pipe 3.1 kg vs OEM cat 10.4 kg !!!!!


Ti Y-pipe £700 (Steel £350)

Stage 2

GTC 580R

GTC Titan exhaust

GTC Titan Y-pipe decat

AccessPORT with GTC custom tune

Inclusion of the special GTC Titan exhaust system which weigh only 6kg (oem 17.45kg), Titan is far superior design for free flow.

Fuel/Ignition/Boost Maps in the ECU are optimised to take full advantage of the new high flow using the AccessPORT. We raise boost to 1.3 bar (19psi) falling to 1.1 bar at top end, this is the limit of the oem actuators.

Gains of 85 AWHP from 404 AWHP Baseline !


GTC Titan 90mm £1,750

AccessPORT £750

GTC Custom Tune £250 / £400 map switch 4+


Stage 3

GTC 600R

GTC Titan exhaust

GTC Titan Y-pipe decat

AccessPORT with GTC custom tune

GTC Turbo outlets

GTC 3" Downpipes. Produced from highly durable 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel, the Competition 3" Downpipes is an essential upgrade to optimizing your GT-R's exhaust system and vehicle's power.
With a turbocharged vehicle, power gains through exhaust flow is a basic concept - get the exhaust gases out as quickly as possible. Downpipes will allow the turbo to spool faster, harder, and more efficiently – gaining new power. A secondary benefit from the additional exhaust flow after the turbo is lower engine temperature. Because we are releasing the heat faster and with less resistance, there is less time for heat to build up.
The result is a noticeable power gain across the entire rpm range as well as the ability to support additional peak power.

Removal of the engine cats with GTC Turbo outlets un-cages the beast VR38 ! Superior free flow, GTC custom tune Map is made via Cobb Tuning Access-Tuner Pro Software, where the entire Fuel/Ignition/Boost Map Settings are adjusted to suit the new fuel requirements.

Gains of 100-110 AWHP from 404 AWHP Baseline !


GTC Downpipes £550


Stage 4

GTC 650R


GTC Titan exhaust

GTC Titan Y-pipe decat

AccessPORT with GTC custom tune

GTC Turbo outlets

GTC 80mm Intake

1000cc Injectors

These are the biggest possible air filters which will fit inside the bumper. Now here's the trick bit, the filters collapse and will fit though the small hole though into the front bumper and expand back into shape again, meaning biggest possble size air intake without bumper removal necessary. Also these airfilters do not have the front restriction like the k&n's do. Pipes made from 6061 Aluminium, superior flow design.

As previously mentioned, dyno graphs before & after intake fitted not fair/accurate, so we don't plan to advertise with such. But we will say our prefered intake design needs to meet our crietria of following as closely as possible the oem maf curve, & maf's not max out on higher horse power GT-R's.

Gains of 130-160 AWHP from 404 AWHP Baseline.


Stage 5

GTC 750R +

GTC 750R Turbochargers Fuel System -pump & APR

GTC Titan 90mm exhaust

GTC Titan 90mm Y-pipe decat

AccessPORT with GTC custom tune

GTC Turbo outlets 304 Steel or Inconel

GTC Intake larger MAF

GTC GR6 Trans mission Cooler

GTC Intercooler

Garrett Actuators

1000 cc Injectors

GR6 Gearbox Circlips

14 Plate clutch pack


GTC Turbo

stage 3 hybrid ihi/garret GT30 ball bearing turbos..ported manifolds..uprated garret actuaters larger compressor wheel..inducer 52.3mm comp exducer 72mm..larger turbine of 54 mm +9mm and +16mm over oem the turbines are +8 over stock

Complete with Uprated Garret Actuator with 1.0 bar internal springs (with alloy cnc machined & bracket )

Machined in the UK, OEM turbine and compressor housings GT-R ball bearings turbocharger upgrade





The ultimate power upgrade for any GT-R, these brand new turbos feature fully dynamic precision ball-bearing core assemblies to dramatically reduce spool-up time and give maximum airflow. The fully machined and flow ported turbine housing and manifold assembly reduces exhaust back pressure and maximise gas flow, whilst retaining the original mounting points making the turbo a direct swap for the standard unit. The modified compressor housing is mated with a larger, high-flow compressor wheel which is specifically developed to give maximum bhp and torque with minimum lag. The uprated actuators feature an increased spring preload and durable, heavy duty mounting brackets.

R35 GT-R GTC Marston Core Bar & plate intercooler

This new intercooler will by far out perform the standard intercooler design and in the larger capacity gives no extra pressure drop to standard, the core itself comprises of a bar and high specification fin that is also visible inside the core, this design will allow maximum heat dissipation from both the external and external fin giving unrivalled performance.

The reason that Marston's cores are so efficient is due to the fact the core fin content on the outside is the same as the inside, this helps dissipate heat more efficiently than any other core this is also patterned technology to aerospace so nobody else can copy it. The new GTC R35 Intercooler offers a 30% increase in surface air contact over standard, offering a total cooling package that is more than 25% efficient over the standard Intercoolers fitted to the car from the factory. Weight improvement OEM Stock 9.6kg GTC 8.2kg. This special cooler is known as 'bar and plate' and has been designed with a keen knowledge of thermodynamics. These are not the cheapest but are certainly the best in our opinion. These coolers are 100% comparable to Secan coolers ($25,000) but at a fraction the cost! Any of the intercoolers on the GT-R market will work to a few degre's or another, what separates the Marston core is that it can keep the temps down when it's really needed, on the track or long hard Autobahn runs. Where the ECU will have to be pulling timing to keep temps down, the Marston can keep things cool and therefore the engine giving full power. Overkill for stock tune GT-R, but absolutely necessary for tuned hard use applications. The GT-R ECU will start to pull timing as IAT go up, from early tests with a stock cooler, on a 20 deg C day at WOT (120+mph) the IAT goes up to around 56 deg C, this will result in 7-degrees of ignition being pulled, which is circa 25hp. Our bigger Intercooler keeps the IAT below 37 deg C meaning keeping all the power with no ecu ign timing pull. massive intercoolers don't work, it's all down to core efficiency and air flow. Our coolers will have the same pressure drop as the standard fitment.

With 80mm Pipe work.


Composite Clutch Packs

Composite Clutch Packs (12 clutch plates per GTR)
Material: Composite Kevlar carbon high friction
Drive Coeff: up to 33% improvement with 0.125 friction index Surface Area: up to 16% improvement in clutch face surface area vs factory
Temperature handling: Increase maximum clutch temperature point 400F versus 350F factory
Bonding: Double bonded up to 600F resistant, chemical resistant
Stiffness: Heat treated high strength steel construction at 68 Rockwell
Drainage: Deep wide fluid transfer slots for maximum fluid scavenging and heat transfer

Designed using high friction coefficient clutch face materials and extreme bonding agents GTC clutch packs uses its fine woven composite structure to provide up to 30% greater drive clamp and torque transfer versus standard clutch frictions at the same hydraulic apply pressure. High quality backing materials are used to promote clutch stiffness and plate strength, while friction transfer slots to eliminate heat build-up and promote fluid scavenging under extreme conditions. This high quality engineering delivers less clutch slip more grip and most of all improved street and track performance for your GTR.


Gains of 235-300 AWHP from 404 AWHP Baseline.